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  1. {FD} {FD} Judge tosses suit by family of hazed player who killed self
  2. {FD} {FD} Summerlike heat baking the Midwest to build toward US East Coast
  3. {FD} {FD} Exactly what to do if your pet eats something toxic
  4. {FD} {FD} Can Cowboys’ Prescott and Elliott respond following crushing loss?
  5. {FD} {FD} Goff, Rams offense shine in 41-39 win over 49ers
  6. {FD} Doomsday timeline: Dates when David Meade, others said the world was supposed to end
  7. {FD} {FD} Padres’ Lyles looks to extend Rockies’ skid
  8. {FD} {FD} Richard, Padres hand Rockies 4th straight loss, 3-0
  9. {FD} {FD} Demonstration planned at St. Louis County outlet mall
  10. {FD} {FD} Illegal immigrant among two men accused in rape of teen on orders from younger woman
  11. {FD} Doomsday writer David Meade: Who is he?
  12. {FD} Oh my God! School bans student-led prayers at football games
  13. {FD} Comey convocation address derailed by angry protesters at Howard University
  14. {FD} Hurricane Maria: Video shows dramatic rescue of woman, 2 sons from capsized vessel
  15. {FD} The Latest: Kurd leader says referendum will go forward
  16. {FD} {FD} Theresa May: UK seeks 2-year transition period after Brexit
  17. {FD} No charges filed in drowning death of toddler in foster care
  18. {FD} Bhutan’s leader calls for 3 moments of silence in UN speech
  19. {FD} Mini pet pig stolen during home break-in found dead, family says
  20. {FD} {FD} Illegal immigrant teen, other teenager accused of kidnapping and raping female classmate
  21. {FD} {FD} Leaders highlight early education for drug misuse prevention
  22. {FD} DeVos rescinds Obama-era rules on campus sexual assault cases
  23. {FD} Iran showcases new ballistic missile during military parade
  24. {FD} {FD} Doomsday writer David Meade: Who is he?
  25. {FD} Bob Dole hospitalized at Walter Reed
  26. {FD} {FD} Dogs are roaming Mississippi university, scaring students
  27. {FD} Mueller team under fire for ‘brass-knuckle’ tactics in bid to squeeze Manafort
  28. {FD} {FD} ‘I will rape you’ post put on Facebook to advertise Instagram
  29. {FD} Rare condition leaves teen covered in ‘scales’
  30. {FD} Doomsday is not on Saturday after all, writer says after predicting end of the world
  31. {FD} Doomsday is not on Saturday after all, Christian conspiracy theorist claims
  32. {FD} Buzzfeed hires reporter who left CNN after botched Anthony Scaramucci story
  33. {FD} Erick Erickson: Jimmy Kimmel, my wife has cancer, I have a pulmonary embolism. But I still oppose ObamaCare
  34. {FD} Ivanka Trump getting sued over sandal design
  35. {FD} Expert tips for preventing mold growth or remediating mold in your home after a flood
  36. {FD} North Korea says it wants sports equipment, not missiles
  37. {FD} {FD} 10 clever hacks to get through a power outage
  38. {FD} 10 clever hacks to get through a power outage
  39. {FD} Rare genetic disease keeps patients awake until death
  40. {FD} Alabama Senate race: Palin and Gorka rip Trump-backed ‘establishment’ pick, rally for Roy Moore
  41. {FD} Hurricane Jose’s path: What you should know
  42. {FD} Parsons Green subway attack suspect charged by police
  43. {FD} Alabama Senate primary: Trump’s influence tested as Luther Strange, Roy Moore vie for GOP seat
  44. {FD} North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has grown with each Kim regime
  45. {FD} The 5 most expensive Camaros ever sold at auction
  46. {FD} Search for Mexico survivors continues as story of missing girl proves false
  47. {FD} Why this ObamaCare repeal gives Democrats a fright
  48. {FD} Trump’s comments on North Korea, from ‘fire and fury’ to blaming China
  49. {FD} Marilyn Manson: Columbine school shooting ‘destroyed my entire career’
  50. {FD} World’s largest wildlife museum opens ahead of National Hunting and Fishing Day
  51. {FD} ****** cancer symptoms to look out for
  52. {FD} Hurricane Maria’s path: Track the storm here
  53. {FD} Reports: Maria nears Turks and Caicos after devastating Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
  54. {FD} Weekly wrap-up: Mexico City earthquake kills hundreds; Maria pounds Puerto Rico after striking as 1st Category 4 storm since 1932
  55. {FD} Stars who think bras are tops
  56. {FD} Kim Jong Un calls Trump a ‘dotard’: What does it mean?
  57. {FD} Lady Gaga describes fame as ‘very psychologically challenging’
  58. {FD} Dump truck runs over worker inside of portable ******
  59. {FD} Hurricane Maria sets eye on Turks and Caicos as Puerto Rico begins recovery
  60. {FD} Finnish police: Likely suicide attempt outside parliament
  61. {FD} Romanian leader cancels visit to Ukraine over language law
  62. {FD} Trump launches tweetstorm against Kim Jong Un, Rand Paul, ‘Russia hoax’
  63. {FD} First UN expert on gender identity resigns
  64. {FD} Nikki Reed says Ian Somerhalder ‘threw out all my birth control pills’
  65. {FD} Pakistan’s ex-ruler Musharraf rejects Bhutto accusations
  66. {FD} {FD} Swedish court lower sentences for 2 men accused of attacks
  67. {FD} Parasitic worm squirms through teen’s eye, damaging his vision
  68. {FD} {FD} Trump responds after North Korea threatens hydrogen bomb test
  69. {FD} How Siri helped me connect with my autistic son
  70. {FD} Mass global extinction that wipes out human civilization will begin in 2100, mathematician predicts
  71. {FD} Hurricane topples ‘Moon Tree’ that was on Apollo mission
  72. {FD} Ohio couple: Pet mini pig believed to be stolen found dead
  73. {FD} {FD} Syrian refugee in Estonia jailed for setting wife on fire
  74. {FD} {FD} German court sends ax attacker to psychiatric hospital
  75. {FD} Storms to bring drought relief, severe weather risk to central US into the weekend
  76. {FD} {FD} Khloe explains sister Kim Kardashian’s ‘ugly cry face’: ‘That’s not just Botox’
  77. {FD} {FD} Banned from tennis, Nastase starts new career as diplomat
  78. {FD} Christian star Natalie Grant faces thyroid surgery to remove tumors
  79. {FD} {FD} Russian sub fires cruises missiles at militants in Syria
  80. {FD} {FD} Germany expels 2nd Vietnamese diplomat over ‘kidnapping’
  81. {FD} 20-year sentence for man in attack on 94-year-old veteran
  82. {FD} {FD} The Latest: Maria’s eye near Turks and Caicos islands
  83. {FD} Syrian Kurds vote as part of move toward federal system
  84. {FD} US says it’s troubled by Rohingya crisis, Myanmar response
  85. {FD} Video of Georgia teacher caught up in student fight shocks community
  86. {FD} Kim fires off insults at Trump and hints at weapons test
  87. {FD} UK police chief says London subway bomb loaded with shrapnel
  88. {FD} Texas to ask court to allow its ban on ‘sanctuary cities’ after legal roadblock
  89. {FD} Fake evacuation orders sent to US military personnel in South Korea
  90. {FD} The Latest: Spain to deploy extra police for Catalonia vote
  91. {FD} Chicago mother convicted in beating death of 4-year-old son
  92. {FD} Poland’s premier blasts EU before talks with Hungary leader
  93. {FD} Syrian activist, daughter found dead in Turkey
  94. {FD} Hundreds protest amid Spain crackdown on Catalan referendum
  95. {FD} {FD} Trump’s challenge: Diverting the white-hot spotlight from the Mueller investigation
  96. {FD} ‘My Giant Life’ star Alicia Jay stands tall in her faith
  97. {FD} 5 restaurant chains that don’t exist anymore
  98. {FD} ******* unveils Halloween costumes inspired by classic Bunny
  99. {FD} Dean Martin’s daughter reflects on father’s music legacy, funny encounters and rumors
  100. {FD} Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop is selling psychic vampire repellent
  101. {FD} COULD the world come to an end?
  102. {FD} Iraqi Shiite militias join battle for IS-held town of Hawija
  103. {FD} Turkey to discuss response to Kurdish independence vote
  104. {FD} {FD} Selfies and self-reflection mark New Zealand election race
  105. {FD} FOX NEWS FIRST: North Korea may test hydrogen bomb in Pacific, states have huge hurricane garbage problem
  106. {FD} {FD} Puerto Rico faces weeks without electricity after Maria
  107. {FD} Trump should not certify Iran’s nuclear compliance and here’s how he can do it
  108. {FD} How much does our health care cost? Americans have the right to know
  109. {FD} The doctor told my wife she had six weeks to live — two years ago
  110. {FD} As Germany heads to the polls, a growing split between European voters and elites
  111. {FD} New Orleans woman gets 6 years for Medicare fraud, must repay millions
  112. {FD} Harvard faculty, alumni in revolt over snubs of Michelle Jones, Chelsea Manning
  113. {FD} TV programs in California interrupted with end-of-world prediction
  114. {FD} Stephen Curry salary almost cut in half in California taxes
  115. {FD} Thai police say they have car ex-prime minister used to flee
  116. {FD} Dems fight to wrest veterans mantle from GOP ahead of 2018 midterms
  117. {FD} Turkey: 4 migrants killed, 20 missing after boat sinks
  118. {FD} Democrat Warren confronted over her ‘One Percent’ status
  119. {FD} {FD} California man faces life sentence for killing 8 in salon
  120. {FD} Defiant Rouhani says Iran will press on with missile program
  121. {FD} Spain makes new arrest in Barcelona attacks investigation
  122. {FD} North Korean leader Kim called Trump a what? A ‘dotard’
  123. {FD} Democrat Duckworth not sold on Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for all’ plan
  124. {FD} Chapel stirs up controversy in small Oklahoma college town
  125. {FD} Hamels tames Mariners, Rangers stay close in wild-card hunt
  126. {FD} Rabbis say Bahrain king wants Arab boycott of Israel to end
  127. {FD} US urges all nations to stop the spread of nuclear weapons
  128. {FD} {FD} Kimmel calls Louisiana senator ‘inbred’ during latest healthcare monologue
  129. {FD} Kimmel calls Louisiana senator ‘inbred’ during latest health care monologue
  130. {FD} Museum’s pit bull video is animal cruelty, critics say
  131. {FD} Search for Mexico quake survivors enters day 4, some success
  132. {FD} Brewers drop series-opening game to Cubs in 10 innings
  133. {FD} 5 things to know about N. Korean leader’s rebuke of Trump
  134. {FD} Trump judicial pick’s remarks on transgender children draw Dems’ ire
  135. {FD} Judge won’t dismiss suit challenging police-as-prosecutors
  136. {FD} Murderer sues Kansas prison for ‘imposing Christian beliefs’
  137. {FD} Rams win in a shootout over the 49ers 41-39
  138. {FD} Bomb kills 4 soldiers, wounds 6 in southern Thailand
  139. {FD} Flowers, Tice lead No. 21 USF to victory over Temple
  140. {FD} Stalock records shutout, Wild earn 1-0 preseason win
  141. {FD} Reds swept by Cardinals after 8-5 loss in series finale
  142. {FD} Flashback Friday: Mission Viejo, Santa Margarita stars as kids
  143. {FD} Back on track: Twins rout Tigers 12-1
  144. {FD} For Rohingya Muslim child refugees, too many losses to count
  145. {FD} Matt Andriese, Rays hand W to Orioles in 1st inning
  146. {FD} Pakistan officials adamant that ‘hero’ doctor who helped capture Usama bin Laden remain behind bars
  147. {FD} Tebow, Rubio help with Hurricane Irma relief efforts in Florida Keys
  148. {FD} Wolves ink guard Aaron Brooks to finalize training camp roster
  149. {FD} Patriotic parent balks at teacher’s gender-neutral Declaration of Independence
  150. {FD} North Korea could test hydrogen bomb in Pacific, top diplomat says
  151. {FD} Woman gives birth to ‘miracle’ baby after learning she has cancer
  152. {FD} The Latest: Seoul media say North might test nuke in Pacific
  153. {FD} Photo purports to show church damage from Mexico quake
  154. {FD} Maryland teens accused of kidnapping, raping female classmate
  155. {FD} Protesters violently ejected from Erdogan speech in NYC
  156. {FD} {FD} Teen reduced to tears over charter school’s dress code
  157. {FD} Republicans spar in Alabama Senate debate over Trump’s endorsement of incumbent
  158. {FD} Navy awards medal to sailor caught in ISIS fight for 10 hours
  159. {FD} The Latest: Video shows hit-and-run that led to shooting
  160. {FD} Vegas police change neck restraint policy after man’s death
  161. {FD} After Hurricane Harvey, what will happen to the hundreds of thousands of flooded cars?
  162. {FD} Cuban officials blast Trump, US embargo, amid UN General Assembly
  163. {FD} Holly Bobo case: Prosecutors describe her final hours in murder trial closing arguments
  164. {FD} UN Mission: 80 civilians dying in terror attacks daily in Afghanistan
  165. {FD} {FD} Harry Styles slammed for charging more for plus size versions of his tour shirt
  166. {FD} Ex-Mafia hit man ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano now out of prison
  167. {FD} Mexico shocked by news: Girl trapped in rubble didn’t exist
  168. {FD} Virgin Mary statue seen in church rubble in viral photo
  169. {FD} Kim Jong Un calls Trump ‘deranged,’ vows he will ‘pay dearly’
  170. {FD} Couple unable to afford their own wedding ask guests to contribute
  171. {FD} Kim Jong Un: ‘Deranged’ Trump will ‘pay dearly’ for threat
  172. {FD} Guatemala lawmakers again vote not to lift Morales’ immunity
  173. {FD} Holly Bobo case: Prosecutors describe her last hours in murder trial closing arguments
  174. {FD} Young people are at the heart of Mexico earthquake recovery
  175. {FD} Man convicted in ’75 slayings pleads guilty to sex assaults
  176. {FD} Man charged with attempted murder of Kansas tax agent
  177. {FD} Lineman restoring power after Hurricane Irma falls to death
  178. {FD} Key findings from AP investigation of UN sex abuse in Congo
  179. {FD} Valerie Plame bashed for tweet linking ‘America’s Jews’ to wars, then apologizes
  180. {FD} First female Marine in history to graduate infantry training course
  181. {FD} Bengals at early crossroads with visit to banged-up Packers
  182. {FD} Starbucks releases PSL rival, the MPL
  183. {FD} Surging Chiefs take on tough-luck Chargers in Los Angeles
  184. {FD} Hurricane warning vs. watch: How are they different?
  185. {FD} Photo of Virgin Mary discovered in Mexico rubble goes viral
  186. {FD} Texas Democratic lawmaker spent more than $51,000 on psychic, prosecutors say
  187. {FD} 2nd sinkhole opens up in Florida neighborhood
  188. {FD} Jeff Sessions warns gang members: ‘We will hunt you down’
  189. {FD} Prosecutors to rest in trial of Oklahoma beheading suspect
  190. {FD} ABC greenlights sitcom about undocumented family living in US
  191. {FD} New Jersey police detective fathers child with 15-year-old, is charged with sexual assault of minor
  192. {FD} Aaron Hernandez had ‘severe’ CTE, lawyer says
  193. {FD} Wisconsin man charged with killing wife, blowing up home
  194. {FD} Indiana woman convicted of neglect in death of 15-pound boy
  195. {FD} Shia LaBeouf claims fight with bartender he called ‘racist’ was protected free speech
  196. {FD} ABC greenlights sitcom about undocumented family living in U.S.
  197. {FD} Church of Latter Day Saints acquires Book of Mormon manuscript for $35M
  198. {FD} Rival Tuareg groups in Mali sign new ceasefire agreement
  199. {FD} Kardashian’s Dash boutique employee held at gunpoint, report says
  200. {FD} Facebook will release Russia-linked ads to Congress, Mark Zuckerberg says
  201. {FD} Despite Chargers’ rough start, Rivers remains optimistic
  202. {FD} New Jersey police detective fathers child with 15-year-old, charged with sexual assault of minor
  203. {FD} Packers’ defense looking forward to facing Bengals’ offense
  204. {FD} VA moves to fire employee arrested for pulling gun on pedestrian
  205. {FD} {FD} Private jet goes off Istanbul runway, catches fire
  206. {FD} Michigan teacher accused of embezzling more than $30G from school and gambling it away
  207. {FD} Trump, Turkish president meet with ‘many issues’ to discuss
  208. {FD} Arizona man accused of beheading girlfriend’s puppy as punishment
  209. {FD} Trump’s border wall: A look at the numbers
  210. {FD} Mom, husband indicted in death of daughter found in ‘burn pile’
  211. {FD} Mexico earthquake: At least one adult feared trapped in rubble of school
  212. {FD} UN Peacekeepers: Congo leads world in sex abuse allegations
  213. {FD} Pakistani army: Indian gunfire kills 4 civilians in Kashmir
  214. {FD} Turkey: Private jet goes off Istanbul runway, catches fire
  215. {FD} Church of Ladder Day Saints acquires Book of Mormon manuscript for $35M
  216. {FD} New report shows lifestyle changes lower cancer risk
  217. {FD} Key figure in Northern Ireland peace work subject of film
  218. {FD} When 40 percent looks like a pizza party
  219. {FD} ‘Decapitated body’ is really Halloween decoration, Tennessee police say
  220. {FD} Excitement bubbles up at BYU as caffeinated soda now on sale
  221. {FD} Unhappy hour: Truck with 40,000 pounds of vodka overturns
  222. {FD} Student urges high school to drop Native American mascot
  223. {FD} 4 detained in probe linked to film on Russian czar’s affair
  224. {FD} Florida nursing home death count reaches 10, as state suspends license for facility
  225. {FD} ‘America’s Got Talent’ winner Darci Lynn Farmer explains how she’ll spend her $1 million
  226. {FD} German gun company giant vows to stop selling weapons to ‘crisis regions’
  227. {FD} Shannon Bream to host new ‘Fox News @ Night’ prime-time show
  228. {FD} Oklahoma City cop shoots, kills man despite neighbors yelling, ‘He can’t hear,’ witnesses say
  229. {FD} Jay-Z passes on Super Bowl LII halftime show in support of Colin Kaepernick, report says
  230. {FD} AP forced to correct false report on Graham call with McCain
  231. {FD} Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott: I was head-butted by gay rights advocate
  232. {FD} 7-year-old fitted with 3-D printed hand to throw first pitch at World Series
  233. {FD} Hurricanes stall start of New Jersey beach repair from Sandy
  234. {FD} The Latest: 10th patient dies from Florida nursing home
  235. {FD} Aquarium releases 3 abandoned seal pups off Rhode Island
  236. {FD} Mexico earthquake death toll rises as rescuers work to free trapped girl
  237. {FD} Missouri couple indicted in death of woman’s teen daughter
  238. {FD} 1 of 6 arrested over London subway bomb freed without charge
  239. {FD} After Harvey and Irma, states grapple with millions of tons of garbage
  240. {FD} House Republicans plan retreat next week to discuss tax plan
  241. {FD} Baby whose mother chose to give birth over chemotherapy dies
  242. {FD} {FD} Billy Joel concert will boost security in Busch Stadium
  243. {FD} US, Russian generals meet after Pentagon accuses Russia of bombing US-backed forces
  244. {FD} The World of Animals
  245. {FD} President Trump’s approval ratings on the rise
  246. {FD} Flint water crisis caused increase in fetal deaths, lower fertility rates, study claims
  247. {FD} Hurricane Maria leaves Puerto Rico powerless, at least 15 dead on Dominica
  248. {FD} Trump signs executive order targeting North Korea’s trading partners
  249. {FD} Netflix pulls children’s show episode after phallic image is discovered in background
  250. {FD} Trump vs. Clinton: The feud continues even after the election
  251. {FD} {FD} Baby remains found at South Carolina apartment complex during eviction, police say
  252. {FD} Photos: Hurricane Maria cuts electricity to 100 percent of Puerto Rico as roads transform into rivers
  253. {FD} NFL Week 3: Fans, players to endure summerlike warmth as fall begins
  254. {FD} {FD} ***** man on bike attacks jogger, cops say
  255. {FD} Johnson & Johnson heiress Jazz Johnson-Merton caught kicking horse on video?
  256. {FD} FBI hunts person who stole ATM van, $1.8 million from Georgia bank
  257. {FD} UC system to shell out $300G to help with security costs for controversial speakers
  258. {FD} Grandmother who died of West Nile virus didn’t know she got bit, family says
  259. {FD} China banks reportedly to halt business with North Korea as South Korea sends $8 million
  260. {FD} Prophets of Rage release music video featuring President Trump as Hitler
  261. {FD} {FD} States crack down on ‘passing the trash’ practice that protects abusive teachers
  262. {FD} Satan’s enigma: ‘Possessed’ nun’s 17th-century letter deciphered
  263. {FD} Thousands gather to protest arrests over Catalonian vote
  264. {FD} After 250 years, Germany finally sees a bison. It’s immediately killed
  265. {FD} Nikki and Brie Bella tease a return to the WWE ring in 2018
  266. {FD} Graham-Cassidy health care bill to replace ObamaCare: What is it
  267. {FD} Mars may have a porous crust, gravity map suggests
  268. {FD} Drew Peterson’s murder conviction upheld by Illinois Supreme Court
  269. {FD} Hazardous surf from Jose to persist along northeastern US coast into the weekend
  270. {FD} Gene Simmons and Ace Frehley reunite on stage for performance
  271. {FD} France’s Macron says Iran nuke deal not enough, defends it nonetheless
  272. {FD} NYC man dies of Legionnaires’ disease, 1 other sickened
  273. {FD} Frenzy of Irma, Harvey searches drives most-Googled Atlantic hurricane season in history
  274. {FD} California man sentenced for killing doctor who botched surgery, caused erectile dysfunction
  275. {FD} ‘Death Wish’ cold brew coffee recalled over botulism concerns
  276. {FD} AP falsely reports Graham was overheard pleading with McCain over health care bill
  277. {FD} Mom charged after 6-month-old dies in her bed
  278. {FD} Notorious ‘granny gem thief’ released from jail, but could still faces legal trouble
  279. {FD} Model reportedly kidnapped as a sex slave will ‘expose all’ in new book
  280. {FD} Colbert fires back at Trump about Emmys tweet
  281. {FD} Modesto school suspends 5-year-old boy for ‘terroristic threats’
  282. {FD} Doctor goes into labor while delivering patient’s baby
  283. {FD} Venomous snake slithers into Australian couple’s bed
  284. {FD} Cheryl Burke says former ‘Dance Moms’ star Abby Lee Miller ‘traumatized’ girls
  285. {FD} Florida teacher asks students to use gender-neutral pronouns, angering parents
  286. {FD} Cassidy fires back at Kimmel in health bill feud: ‘Jimmy doesn’t understand’
  287. {FD} The Russia hack that wasn’t? Supposed breach of Dallas voter rolls might not have happened
  288. {FD} Hurricane Maria regains power, leaves Puerto Rico powerless
  289. {FD} Sanders’ single-payer bill causing headaches for Dems in 2018 midterms
  290. {FD} Gwyneth Paltrow slams Goop critics: ‘Bring your A game’
  291. {FD} 2 dead, 1 wounded in Alabama shootings that involved police
  292. {FD} Swiss indict 3 Islamic group members over al-Qaida videos
  293. {FD} Shania Twain opens up about scary Lyme’s disease battle
  294. {FD} AP Explains: Why Japan doesn’t sign nuclear arms ban treaty
  295. {FD} Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC spending big on Vegas resorts, restaurants, nightclubs
  296. {FD} Poland, NATO troops hold drills amid security concerns
  297. {FD} Jerry Seinfeld addresses ‘Seinfeld’ reboot rumors
  298. {FD} Iran’s top leader dismisses Trump’s ‘ugly, foolish’ remarks
  299. {FD} Photos: Puerto Rico hammered by Hurricane Maria
  300. {FD} Egyptian Cabinet expands grounds for withdrawing citizenship
  301. {FD} London bombing update: Police arrest 6th suspect
  302. {FD} MSNBC’s O’Donnell apologizes for profanity-laced rant
  303. {FD} Watchdog: nuclear warheads still building up in 4 countries
  304. {FD} {FD} Pope promises ‘firmest measures possible’ against pedophiles
  305. {FD} {FD} Malaysia police say beer festival axed due to security fears
  306. {FD} {FD} 1 injured as rival gangs clash outside Istanbul courthouse
  307. {FD} Standard & Poor’s cuts China credit rating, citing debt
  308. {FD} Afghan official: Taliban attack kills 5 policemen in south
  309. {FD} Mexico still hoping to reach survivors at collapsed school
  310. {FD} The Latest: Maria moving north of Dominican Republic
  311. {FD} Hurricane Maria destroys hundreds of homes, knocks out power across Puerto Rico
  312. {FD} Hillary rips Fox News, but also complains about liberal media
  313. {FD} ‘Firefly’ turns 15: Canceled show still celebrated as a cult classic
  314. {FD} ‘Final Destination’ star Devon Sawa came back to Hollywood ‘by accident’
  315. {FD} Johnny Cash’s former manager tackled singer’s drug battles but quit over religious differences, book claims
  316. {FD} Le Pen’s deputy quits as tensions engulf French far right
  317. {FD} Irma, now Maria: US Caribbean communities rush to send aid
  318. {FD} {FD} Mexicans displaced by deadly quake seek refuge from fear
  319. {FD} FOX NEWS FIRST: Obama official potentially unmasked in controversy, Maria devastates Puerto Rico
  320. {FD} Was it a crime? 10 patients at nursing home died after Irma
  321. {FD} Grenade attack kills 3, wounds 23 in Indian-held Kashmir
  322. {FD} {FD} UK police arrest teenager in subway attack probe
  323. {FD} Sorority sisters face probe for singing Kanye West song containing n-word
  324. {FD} A stunned Puerto Rico seeks to rebuild after Hurricane Maria
  325. {FD} Catalan pro-secession groups urge renewed street protests
  326. {FD} Germany: Merkel aide criticized over comment on nationalists
  327. {FD} Trump sounded like ‘barking dog’ at UN, North Korean official says
  328. {FD} Hurricane Maria brings more devastation to Puerto Rico
  329. {FD} Ugandan police fire tear gas at ‘life presidency’ protesters
  330. {FD} Iraqi forces begin operation to retake Hawija from IS group
  331. {FD} Russian special forces helping Syrian troops in key city
  332. {FD} Malaysia arrests 7 Filipinos suspected of Abu Sayyaf links
  333. {FD} {FD} Reprocessed nuclear fuel returned to Japan for reactor use
  334. {FD} Justice Ginsburg surprise speaker at Jewish new year service
  335. {FD} Georgia girl battling cancer dies before spending day with San Francisco police
  336. {FD} Georgia girl, 7, dies before chance to spend day with SF police: report
  337. {FD} Florida teacher was found with 2 drunk teens in car, police say
  338. {FD} {FD} 1000s of protesters slam martial law, killings under Duterte
  339. {FD} {FD} Trapped girl a symbol for Mexico’s quake rescue efforts
  340. {FD} Tossing Confederate statues? We’ll take them, Texas town official says
  341. {FD} Business ties complicate Muslim states’ response to Rohingya
  342. {FD} SEC says hack may have led to illegal Wall Street profits
  343. {FD} UN mission in Congo forces reckoning over sex abuse scandal
  344. {FD} DA: Dismissal of charge in Kennedy party case ‘very normal’
  345. {FD} {FD} The Latest: Truck carrying aid crashes in Bangladesh; 9 dead
  346. {FD} Duterte reportedly orders cops to kill son if drug smuggling ‘rumors’ are true
  347. {FD} Broadcast journalist killed in northeastern India
  348. {FD} {FD} Mexico earthquake: Animals rescued from collapsed medical lab
  349. {FD} Authorities: Illinois father killed sons, set house on fire
  350. {FD} Lincoln Memorial vandalized by student from Kyrgyz Republic, police say
  351. {FD} EU survey finds Muslims willing to embrace non-Muslims
  352. {FD} President Trump ‘saddened’ about Emmys’ lackluster ratings
  353. {FD} Trump ‘saddened’ about Emmys’ lackluster ratings
  354. {FD} New plaintiffs added to lawsuit over chemical plant fire
  355. {FD} James Clapper: ‘It’s possible’ that Trump’s voice was picked up by Manafort wiretap
  356. {FD} Seoul to resume humanitarian aid to NKorea; doesn’t set date
  357. {FD} Myanmar mob attacks aid shipment bound for Rohingya area
  358. {FD} Ex-Chicago cop arrested on drug charges after 15 years on the run
  359. {FD} Hurricane Maria Slams Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory
  360. {FD} Arkansas high school teacher, 25, slept with 4 teen boy students, 2 in same night, cops say
  361. {FD} Arkansas high school teacher, 25, slept with 4 students, 2 in same night, cops say
  362. {FD} Tillerson: Trump tight-lipped on whether to withdraw from Iran deal
  363. {FD} {FD} Myanmar tries to reassure the world over refugee crisis
  364. {FD} {FD} Arkansas high school teacher slept with 4 students, 2 in same night, cops say
  365. {FD} More charges, new defendant in Texas human smuggling case
  366. {FD} Mexican family mourns 11 dead after church falls at baptism
  367. {FD} North Korea owes NYC over $156G in parking tickets
  368. {FD} ‘America’s Got Talent’ 2017 finale winner revealed
  369. {FD} Teen among 3 more arrested in London subway terror attack probe
  370. {FD} April hearing set to determine if Durst is tried for murder
  371. {FD} ‘Revenge of the Nerds’ actor and NFL star dies at 78
  372. {FD} MSNBC star Lawrence O’Donnell has epic meltdown at staff in leaked video
  373. {FD} Trump tweets support for ‘Big’ Luther Strange in Alabama Senate runoff
  374. {FD} Mock slavery lesson at California high school stirs outrage among parents
  375. {FD} The Latest: 50 nations ink nuke ban pact; big powers oppose
  376. {FD} Has asset forfeiture gone too far? Truck seizure case sparks outrage, a call for change
  377. {FD} Court sentences two Oklahoma women for allegedly beating a 5-year-old with a hammer
  378. {FD} Weekend soccer games called off after Mexico earthquake
  379. {FD} The Latest: Police say some protesters ignored commands
  380. {FD} Winner of $338M Powerball jackpot charged with child sex abuse
  381. {FD} Philadelphia finds hundreds of illegal voters
  382. {FD} Court: Texas man can be executed for slaying daughters
  383. {FD} ‘Breakfast Club’ Actor Anthony Michael Hall sentenced to probation for assault
  384. {FD} Tractor-trailer makes wrong turn, ends up on Atlantic City Boardwalk
  385. {FD} Samantha Power sought to unmask Americans on almost daily basis, sources say
  386. {FD} Canada’s prime minister ridiculed for Chewbacca socks at New York business forum
  387. {FD} Manafort offered ‘private briefings’ to Russian billionaire during campaign, report says
  388. {FD} The Latest: Witness: Man said blogger deserved beheading
  389. {FD} Woman sues 4 Baltimore police officers charged with fraud
  390. {FD} MSNBC star Lawrence O’Donnell snaps at staffers in leaked footage
  391. {FD} Sex ed gets graphic in new CNN series
  392. {FD} Trump to award Medal of Honor to Alabama veteran
  393. {FD} Yemen rebel leader renews defiance on takeover anniversary
  394. {FD} Myanmar Natives: Rohingya Came Pouring From Their Mosques Yelling ‘If You Don’t Become Muslim We Will Kill You! This is our land now. Run!’
  395. {FD} Petitions calling for firing prof for provocative ‘dead cop’ tweet gain steam
  396. {FD} Pennsylvania man who sexually assaulted six girls ‘gifted’ to him sentenced
  397. {FD} Soft soil makes Mexico City shake like it was built on jelly
  398. {FD} Ohio State University ‘privilege’ workshop says only white people can be racist
  399. {FD} Mueller investigators seek documents from the White House
  400. {FD} {FD} Over 40 nations ink nuclear ban treaty opposed by big powers
  401. {FD} {FD} Mueller makes extensive request to White House for Trump documents
  402. {FD} Archaeologists in Norway may have unearthed a Viking boat grave
  403. {FD} Transcripts of citizen welcome messages by Trump and Obama
  404. {FD} {FD} Former Powerball winner arrested for sexual assault
  405. {FD} Trump’s nicknames for rivals, from ‘Rocket Man’ to ‘Crooked Hillary’
  406. {FD} The Latest: Sessions says US will win border wall lawsuits
  407. {FD} Leonardo DiCaprio’s foundation gives $20M to environmental causes
  408. {FD} {FD} Melissa Joan Hart upsets fans with insensitive Hurricane Maria post
  409. {FD} One student shot, second arrested at Illinois high school
  410. {FD} Virginia attorney says county cannot remove Confederate flag
  411. {FD} Fox News Poll: Murphy leads Guadagno by double digits with many undecided
  412. {FD} Wisconsin couple plead not guilty in caged child case
  413. {FD} Boy killed at huge protests over Togo president’s tenure
  414. {FD} US allies divided over Trump’s threat against North Korea
  415. {FD} Holly Bobo trial: Prosecution casts doubt on ‘confession’ by ‘Chester the Molester’
  416. {FD} High school security officer’s football game cheer goes viral
  417. {FD} Trump administration quick to quell rumors that US will stay in Paris Climate Accord
  418. {FD} Prosecutor: No charges for mom of child who died in hot car
  419. {FD} {FD} California boy, 5, suspended after school claims he made terrorist threat
  420. {FD} Sheriff Clarke curses out reporter who questioned his need for a security detail
  421. {FD} Melania Trump bullied over pink dress
  422. {FD} Court asked to dismiss cases tied to former drug lab chemist
  423. {FD} {FD} Melania Trump cyberbullied over pink dress
  424. {FD} ‘Ghost boat’ washes ashore on Florida beach
  425. {FD} Wisconsin police officer leads high school cheering section, becomes viral hit
  426. {FD} Powerball winner charged with sexually assaulting a child
  427. {FD} {FD} Dog pulled from rubble after Mexico earthquake, to huge cheers
  428. {FD} U.S. Attorney General Sessions says marijuana still illegal
  429. {FD} Man indicted in kidnapping, rape of 4-year-old in Delaware
  430. {FD} London police arrest 2 more in Parsons Green subway terror attack probe
  431. {FD} {FD} Palestinian deported from US over 1970 blast lands in Jordan
  432. {FD} {FD} Milan Fashion Week: Gucci extends news cycle with Rocket Man
  433. {FD} Climate models questioned: Global warming may be slower than previously thought
  434. {FD} Iranian ex-pats rally while Rouhani rails
  435. {FD} Pittsburgh reviewing violent police arrest caught on video
  436. {FD} Dems get personal in attacks on Graham and Cassidy
  437. {FD} California suing Trump over border wall, escalating battle with White House
  438. {FD} Ivanka Trump reveals she had postpartum depression with each of her children
  439. {FD} Student’s hunger strike ends as professor accused of sexual harassment is put on leave
  440. {FD} Fed announces $10 billion start to paring its bond holdings
  441. {FD} Will acupuncture increase my chances of getting pregnant?
  442. {FD} Magnitude-6.1 earthquake strikes off coast of Japan
  443. {FD} Chelsea Clinton reveals she didn’t block Trump for Hillary Clinton golf ball tweet
  444. {FD} Marshals official says man offered to make plea in abduction
  445. {FD} Second uncle arrested in 10-year-old Indian girl’s rape case
  446. {FD} Power is back on in Florida, but utilities still under fire
  447. {FD} California professor under fire for ‘white privilege’ quiz
  448. {FD} Rouhani calls Trump’s threats ‘ignorant,’ vows to take action if nuclear pact is broken
  449. {FD} Navy reservist surprises daughter with special homecoming
  450. {FD} Former head of VA hospital in nation’s capital fired again
  451. {FD} 10 African nations trade arms with North Korea, flouting UN sanctions, report finds
  452. {FD} {FD} Sexy celeb magazine covers
  453. {FD} CDC issues guidance on storm recovery
  454. {FD} College football player dies after injury during ‘routine’ tackle
  455. {FD} Maria to threaten lives, property in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos
  456. {FD} Polygamous sect leader pleads guilty to escape, fraud
  457. {FD} The Latest: Sect leader faces up to 5 years in prison
  458. {FD} Scientists edit embryos’ genes to study early human development
  459. {FD} Directory of evil: World War II Nazi phone book up for auction
  460. {FD} Clown runs for Boston City Council
  461. {FD} 2nd inmate who escaped in Oklahoma is caught in Missouri
  462. {FD} Judge Judy gets apology for false National Enquirer Alzheimer story
  463. {FD} ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ murderer gets life in prison for ‘execution-style’ slayings
  464. {FD} Feds seek prison time for Anthony Weiner in sexting case
  465. {FD} North Korea’s Kim keeps teen sex slaves, executes musicians with anti-aircraft guns, defector reveals
  466. {FD} Hurricane Jose now a tropical storm, still bringing dangerous surf to East Coast
  467. {FD} Tarps covering Confederate statues are being ripped down
  468. {FD} Woman found dead in gym bathroom 2 days after entering
  469. {FD} Michigan sued after gay couples are rejected for adoption
  470. {FD} Rosie O’Donnell lashes out at estranged daughter in the wake of ex-wife’s suicide
  471. {FD} Teen pleads not guilty to murder, heroin charges in Kentucky
  472. {FD} The Latest: Aunt baffled by nephew’s arrest in 2 killings
  473. {FD} Oklahoma City police officer shoots, kills man holding metal pipe
  474. {FD} The Latest: Refugees who paid for trip left on Greek highway
  475. {FD} Atlantic hurricane season 2017: What you should know
  476. {FD} Jake LaMotta, boxer immortalized by Robert De Niro in ‘Raging Bull,’ dies at 95
  477. {FD} The Latest: Kansas shooting suspect owed $400,000 in taxes
  478. {FD} Ariel Winter’s mom seeks to reconcile with daughter
  479. {FD} Man charged with killing college student denies harming her
  480. {FD} {FD} The Latest: Witnesses yelled ‘he can’t hear’ before shooting
  481. {FD} Study shows lengthy waits for asylum applicants in Europe
  482. {FD} {FD} Oklahoma City police officer shoots, kills man holding stick
  483. {FD} {FD} Police: 1-year-old boy critical after being thrown from car
  484. {FD} Belarus president: Russian forces won’t stay after war games
  485. {FD} Georgia Tech says 1 person arrested in protest is a student
  486. {FD} VA uses Trump-signed law to fire DC medical director – twice
  487. {FD} {FD} Man gets prison term for killing wife by setting her on fire
  488. {FD} Jaw-dropping pictures of Jupiter from Juno space probe
  489. {FD} Jada Pinkett Smith denies Leah Remini’s Scientology claim
  490. {FD} {FD} North Korea’s Kim plucks teen sex slaves from schools and executes musicians with anti-aircraft guns, defector reveals
  491. {FD} {FD} Rod Rosenstein interviewed by Mueller team, sources say
  492. {FD} {FD} Army vet runs with American flag – and a tutu – to inspire others
  493. {FD} {FD} New Jersey cop helps find driver’s lost diamond engagement ring on highway
  494. {FD} {FD} Mom of 5 donates life-saving kidney to fellow churchgoer
  495. {FD} ‘Flip or Flop’s’ Tarek El Moussa on beating cancer: ‘It was the lowest point of my life’
  496. {FD} Tarek El Moussa gets candid on beating cancer: ‘It was the lowest point of my life’
  497. {FD} Kathy Griffin ripped by millionaire neighbor in potty-mouthed tirade
  498. {FD} {FD} Texas House speaker calls for removal of ‘inaccurate’ Confederate plaque
  499. {FD} Emmys double standard? Show skirted politics during Obama administration, report says
  500. {FD} Howard Stern learns how to make coffee at age 63: ‘It’s heartbreaking’
  501. {FD} Foo Fighters fans turned away from London show due to band’s ticket guidelines
  502. {FD} Can microbes survive on Mars?
  503. {FD} Fergie on Josh Duhamel split: ‘It was getting a little weird’
  504. {FD} {FD} Iran nuclear deal: What is it?
  505. {FD} {FD} Devils’ Boyle diagnosed with leukemia after camp physical
  506. {FD} {FD} Fate of ObamaCare overhaul, again, in hands of 3 wavering senators
  507. {FD} Linda Hamilton rejoins ‘Terminator’ franchise in iconic Sarah Connor role
  508. {FD} Barbra Streisand reportedly only wanted to be photographed from her ‘good side’ at Harvey telethon
  509. {FD} John Kerry doesn’t rule out 2020 White House run
  510. {FD} What is hepatitis?
  511. {FD} Single-payer health care: What is it?
  512. {FD} Reports: Hurricane Maria pounds Puerto Rico after making landfall as a Category 4 storm
  513. {FD} Police seek ‘mad ******’ woman jogger who’s defecating shamelessly on people’s front lawns
  514. {FD} Unusually warm weather to extend season for fall allergy sufferers in eastern US
  515. {FD} After Hurricane Irma, single Florida mom makes ‘sexy’ sign to help get power back
  516. {FD} ‘Tarnished’ Rolling Stone a hard sell for founder Jann Wenner, experts say
  517. {FD} Hepatitis A outbreak declared in LA County as San Diego washes down streets
  518. {FD} Ahead of Hurricane Maria, NASCAR-employed airline evacuates US Virgin Islands
  519. {FD} California school board will allow transgender books in elementary schools
  520. {FD} FOX411’s snap of the day
  521. {FD} {FD} Gun-control activists to pour another million dollars into Virginia state elections
  522. {FD} Serena Williams thanks mother for being a role model after athlete becomes new mom
  523. {FD} Trump hits back at ‘Crooked Hillary,’ blames her for North Korea’s nuclear progress
  524. {FD} Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico as Category 4 storm
  525. {FD} London bombing update: Police make 3 more arrests
  526. {FD} Hurricane Maria surges toward Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands
  527. {FD} {FD} FOX NEWS FIRST: Mainstream media trashes Trump UN speech, death toll in Mexico quake rises
  528. {FD} Mueller ratchets up pressure on Paul Manafort, but who is leaking these damaging details?
  529. {FD} Parents fear the worst at site of Mexican school collapse
  530. {FD} Student jailed for falsely accusing taxi driver of sex attack
  531. {FD} {FD} Millionaire rips neighbor Kathy Griffin in potty-mouthed tirade after cops called on grandkids
  532. {FD} Millionaire CEO slams neighbor Kathy Griffin in potty-mouthed tirade after cops called on his grandkids
  533. {FD} Masked protesters in Virginia get Halloween court date
  534. {FD} {FD} Starbucks robbery suspect may sue ‘Good Samaritan’ who subdued him
  535. {FD} Trump’s Phoenix rally to cost taxpayers $450G
  536. {FD} {FD} Kelly Le Brock on ‘Growing Up Supermodel’ and why she left Hollywood for ‘middle of nowhere’
  537. {FD} Mexico earthquake death toll surpasses 200
  538. {FD} Jimmy Kimmel takes on Cassidy-Graham health care bill
  539. {FD} Jimmy Kimmel takes on Cassidy-Graham healthcare bill
  540. {FD} Clinton slams Trump, Putin during interview with Stephen Colbert
  541. {FD} Report: Salt Lake City cop in nurse-arrest video wants to apologize
  542. {FD} Hurricane Maria takes aim at Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands as Category 5 storm strengthens
  543. {FD} 7.1 magnitude earthquake kills more than 100 in Mexico, collapses buildings
  544. {FD} South Carolina HS students make ‘rape’ joke at football game
  545. {FD} Russian army helicopter rocket accidentally hits bystanders
  546. {FD} GEORGIA TECH: 3 arrested as protest turns violent after police shooting
  547. {FD} Virginia gubernatorial debate touches taxes, Trump, Confederate statues
  548. {FD} Female prisoners in North Korean camps raped and executed, their babies fed to dogs, report says
  549. {FD} Fallen soldier’s arrival home brings plane’s passengers to tears
  550. {FD} Woman kayaker in Amazon shot dead by pirates who robbed for her GoPro
  551. {FD} Hospital lets kids drive themselves to operating room
  552. {FD} Tillerson says Iran nuclear deal ‘really has to be revisited’
  553. {FD} Senate panel calls Michael Cohen to open hearing after Trump lawyer shares statement with press
  554. {FD} ‘America’s Got Talent’ final performances of 2017 reach epic proportions
  555. {FD} Holly Bobo trial: Defense blames ‘Chester the Molester’ for killing
  556. {FD} Mariah Carey reportedly bails on commitment to chairty
  557. {FD} Missouri trooper gets jail, probation in man’s drowning
  558. {FD} 7.1 magnitude earthquake kills at least 79 in Mexico, collapses buildings; reports of people trapped
  559. {FD} Robert Kennedy son pays fine after wild house party
  560. {FD} Iran nuclear deal drives wedge between US and France
  561. {FD} Man dies after curfew violation stop, fight with deputies
  562. {FD} Analysis: Trump insists on ‘America First.’ Who will follow?
  563. {FD} Security measures needed for soldier’s terrorism case
  564. {FD} Professor in sexual misconduct complaint placed on leave
  565. {FD} Celebrities, politicians react to powerful Mexico earthquake
  566. {FD} Kansas Revenue Department employee shot in Wichita office
  567. {FD} Alabama transportation crew drags dog’s carcass on highway
  568. {FD} Fox News Poll: Virginia governor’s race close with two months to go
  569. {FD} Killer of 20th Century Fox exec gets maximum sentence
  570. {FD} Prep school, police reach agreement after sexual-abuse cases
  571. {FD} Substitute teacher, 26, in court accused of sex, **** pics sent to 18-year-old student
  572. {FD} $1 million bond set for man in wife’s death, house explosion
  573. {FD} Ex-soldier convicted of threatening Fort Hood rampage
  574. {FD} Children’s singer-songwriter facing child **** charges
  575. {FD} Sessions blasts California lawmakers for passing sanctuary state bill, says lives at stake
  576. {FD} College that was protest site releases new event guidelines
  577. {FD} Oklahoma police now say 7 officers injured in shootout
  578. {FD} Pelosi latest Dem facing backlash from liberal base for Trump dealing
  579. {FD} Trump slams Venezuela at UN; Maduro calls him ‘Hitler’
  580. {FD} Hurricane Maria thrusts Dominica leader into spotlight
  581. {FD} Photos: 7.1 magnitude earthquake kills more than 200 in Mexico
  582. {FD} 7.1 magnitude earthquake kills more than 100 in Mexico
  583. {FD} 7.1 magnitude earthquake kills at least 79 in Mexico
  584. {FD} Police: Third arrest made in London subway attack
  585. {FD} Third man arrested in London Underground attack
  586. {FD} Michigan high school teacher, 26, charged after student, 18, claims they had sex twice
  587. {FD} Ice ax that dug into Leon Trotsky’s skull no longer languishing under a bed
  588. {FD} Activists want ocean garbage patch to be new country
  589. {FD} Obese dog drops 60 pounds after getting adopted
  590. {FD} Kathy Griffin’s neighbor goes on expletive-filled tirade after star files noise complaint
  591. {FD} Mueller v. Trump is about to blow up
  592. {FD} Navy makes changes after series of deadly crashes
  593. {FD} White man arrested in slayings of 2 black men in Louisiana
  594. {FD} Firefighter suspended after racist Facebook post resigns
  595. {FD} Police give room to St. Louis protests until trouble starts
  596. {FD} 7.1 magnitude earthquake shakes Mexico City
  597. {FD} Brazil’s police confirms death of British kayaker in Amazon
  598. {FD} Billy Bush and wife Sydney Davis separate after 20 years
  599. {FD} Tillerson speaks to Suu Kyi on Myanmar refugee crisis
  600. {FD} Dad bonds with autistic son over weekly runs
  601. {FD} How Paul Manafort is connected to the Trump, Russia investigation
  602. {FD} Trump vindicated? Manafort wiretapping report lends credence to claim
  603. {FD} UN speech: Trump says ‘Rocket Man’ Kim Jong Un on ‘suicide mission,’ in broadside at ‘rogue regimes’
  604. {FD} Neil deGrasse Tyson says human-caused climate change could doom coastal cities
  605. {FD} Hurricane Maria won’t faze US Virgin Islands residents staying to help others in its aftermath
  606. {FD} Will the newest Apple Watch save lives?
  607. {FD} After Irma, Florida Jews seek respite in High Holy Days
  608. {FD} Rohingya Muslims are being wiped off Myanmar’s map
  609. {FD} Ex-head of Vatican hospital justifies apartment renovations
  610. {FD} Assault on swastika-clad man spurs police probe after photos surface
  611. {FD} The Latest: USGS says Mexico quake magnitude 7.1
  612. {FD} Family of killed sailors hear Navy describe strain on force
  613. {FD} Atlanta toddler undergoes life-saving heart transplant
  614. {FD} Michigan doctor to be released on $4.5M bond ahead of female genital mutilation trial
  615. {FD} Hamas invites Abbas to resume control of Gaza
  616. {FD} Experts discover tomb of Mayan ‘God-King’
  617. {FD} Italy urges more patrols, punishment after spate of rapes
  618. {FD} Conjoined twins born at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital won’t be separated
  619. {FD} Can US military shoot down a North Korean missile?
  620. {FD} A major earthquake shakes Mexico City
  621. {FD} Anthony Scaramucci claims Gisele Bundchen banned Tom Brady from White House because NFL star used to date Ivanka Trump
  622. {FD} Hurricane Jose stirs up dangerous surf, rip currents along East Coast
  623. {FD} Rolling Stone defamation lawsuit over debunked rape story revived by federal court
  624. {FD} Congo leader opens peace conference in bloody Kasai region
  625. {FD} Democratic congressmen arrested in protests outside Trump Tower
  626. {FD} Ariel Winter slams critics in lengthy rant: ‘I’m trying to live my life’
  627. {FD} Teacher who asked students to justify KKK is suspended
  628. {FD} ‘Game of Thrones’ actress dyes hair for the first time to maintain signature look
  629. {FD} NAACP pushes to remove Battle of Chickamauga monument in Tennessee
  630. {FD} German teen who joined ISIS, married jihadist may face death penalty in Iraq
  631. {FD} Nerf guns can cause serious eye injuries, doctors warn
  632. {FD} Chicago tops 500 homicides in 2017 – and that’s a good sign
  633. {FD} Tour bus driver in deadly New York crash had previous drunken driving arrest, MTA says
  634. {FD} Lena Dunham on appearing on worst-dressed lists: ‘That stuff gives me pleasure’
  635. {FD} Senate confirms Trump pick for solicitor general
  636. {FD} Swiss ******* clogged up with nearly $120,000 in cash
  637. {FD} NY sheriff tells deputies to ignore Cuomo’s immigration order
  638. {FD} Ryan Phillippe’s ex-girlfriend sues actor, alleges abuse
  639. {FD} Senate panel suspends Michael Cohen interview, after Trump lawyer shares statement with press
  640. {FD} San Antonio apartment owner wants to remove Robert E. Lee name from building
  641. {FD} Auburn University student raped on campus bus; 2 drivers arrested
  642. {FD} Rob Reiner launches committee to investigate if Russia meddled with 2016 presidential election
  643. {FD} Columbia University’s military association voices ‘disappointment’ over dean’s missive
  644. {FD} Kelly Le Brock on ‘Growing Up Supermodel’ and why she left Hollywood to live ‘in the middle of nowhere’
  645. {FD} WikiLeaks documents allege Russian tech company colluded with Kremlin
  646. {FD} Texas woman murdered boyfriend, dismembered him with machete, police say
  647. {FD} Germany: Refugee turns in lost purse with 14,000 euros in it
  648. {FD} Ex-shopping mall CEO plunges to death in Costa Rica
  649. {FD} James Corden ‘disappointed’ in himself after kissing Sean Spicer at Emmys
  650. {FD} Q&A: US, Mexican policies on arriving Haitians vary
  651. {FD} MSNBC’s Joy Reid calls Trump supporters ‘deplorables’
  652. {FD} As some of America’s small towns begin to vanish, others see record growth
  653. {FD} {FD} Racist church shooter can’t fire Jewish and Indian lawyers
  654. {FD} Naval hospital removes staff seen in inappropriate pictures with newborns
  655. {FD} NYC authorities seize nearly 200 pounds of fentanyl worth $30 million
  656. {FD} German World War I submarine discovered intact with 23 bodies inside
  657. {FD} Netflix should hire ‘hitmen’ after ‘Narcos’ location scout death, Pablo Escobar’s brother says
  658. {FD} Hurricane Maria on track to hit Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico after devastating Dominica
  659. {FD} EU lawmakers visit train linked to Hungary’s prime minster
  660. {FD} {FD} 2 more Jamaican lottery scam suspects brought to US
  661. {FD} Armenians in France vow to help Nagorno-Karabakh military
  662. {FD} Kenya’s judges who nullified election face ‘savage’ threats
  663. {FD} Judge blocks Penn State fraternity’s request for video
  664. {FD} Hurricane Maria slams Dominica, now menaces Puerto Rico
  665. {FD} Man on Texas’ 10 Most Wanted list arrested in Los Angeles
  666. {FD} Wallenberg relatives vow to appeal Russian court ruling
  667. {FD} UK ends training for Myanmar military over Rohingya crisis
  668. {FD} Czech zoo burns rhino horns, condemns auction in SAfrica
  669. {FD} Back to Saturn? NASA eyes possible return mission as Cassini ends
  670. {FD} Suspect in 1992 slaying of teacher’s aide held without bail
  671. {FD} Michigan doctor charged with genital mutilation wins release
  672. {FD} The Latest: Neighbor talks about her house being shot up
  673. {FD} Robert E. Lee’s former church is no longer named after him
  674. {FD} Bird watchers head to Maine for rare bird sighting
  675. {FD} {FD} White man accused of killing 2 blacks had Hitler speech
  676. {FD} NY fire department lieutenant charged with selling heroin
  677. {FD} The Latest: Interfaith leaders in St. Louis call for justice
  678. {FD} Court: Roadside drunken driving tests not valid for pot
  679. {FD} Prosecutor: Officer justified in fatal shooting of teen
  680. {FD} Pope overhauls key institute to reflect his vision of family
  681. {FD} NFL Thursday Night Football: San Francisco 49ers to host Los Angeles Rams in dry, cool conditions
  682. {FD} Dallas school district rethinking effort to rename schools
  683. {FD} College football: Temple to visit warm, humid Tampa to battle South Florida
  684. {FD} Georgia wants to execute inmates accused of killing guards
  685. {FD} 3 people charged with inciting riot after Georgia Tech vigil
  686. {FD} Arkansas judge: State must disclose execution drug details
  687. {FD} University head ousted for ‘lack of leadership’ during Irma
  688. {FD} Reactions to Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s speech
  689. {FD} Afghan official: Taliban kill 3 abducted government workers
  690. {FD} Hurricane Maria lashes Dominica, now menaces other islands
  691. {FD} 1 killed, 1 injured by blast in Czech military facility
  692. {FD} UN team: Suu Kyi words ‘bode well’ for bid for Myanmar probe
  693. {FD} Under fire over Rohingya, Suu Kyi defends Myanmar actions
  694. {FD} French Police evacuate migrants from makeshift forest camp
  695. {FD} Is Debbie Gibson allergic to ‘DWTS’? Lyme disease victim says, ‘I don’t do the spray tan because of the chemicals’
  696. {FD} The Latest: UN says about 421,000 people have fled Myanmar
  697. {FD} Clashes erupt in Iraqi city of Kirkuk over Kurdish vote
  698. {FD} Media mob savages Sean Spicer for an Emmy Joke he saw as harmless fun
  699. {FD} Julie Andrews, cast mates share ‘Sound of Music’ facts from behind the scenes: ‘The town didn’t want us there’
  700. {FD} Doris Day, 95, still devoted to rescuing animals and music, says business manager
  701. {FD} Obama cashes in on Wall Street appearances, report says
  702. {FD} Al-Qaida-led fighters on the offensive against Syrian troops
  703. {FD} Japan deploys missile interceptor near NKorea flight path
  704. {FD} Florida city settles Zombicon shooting death suit for $40K
  705. {FD} For a new Key West resident, Irma was her welcome-to-town
  706. {FD} Harvard alumni calling to rescind fellowship invitations to Spicer and Lewandowski
  707. {FD} FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump takes ‘America First’ to UN, Hillary won’t rule out 2016 challenge
  708. {FD} Welcome to the new
  709. {FD} Post-vigil protest for slain Georgia Tech student; 3 arrests
  710. {FD} Film academy president welcomes new members at private party
  711. {FD} 3 soldier remain hospitalized after Fort Bragg explosion
  712. {FD} Tanker being used in Greece oil spill cleanup to be replaced
  713. {FD} ‘Widespread devastation’ Dominica PM gives harrowing update on Hurricane Maria
  714. {FD} Police after businessman suspected of 3 ‘execution-style’ murders
  715. {FD} Donald Trump Jr., Conway to end Secret Service protection
  716. {FD} More protests set for Tuesday after quiet night in St. Louis
  717. {FD} The Latest: Envoy says China understands Myanmar’s efforts
  718. {FD} Non-STEM professors reportedly push for boycott of UC Berkeley ‘Free Speech Week’
  719. {FD} ‘Property Brothers’ Star Drew Scott reveals brother Jonathan’s marriage prank
  720. {FD} Retired American teacher fatally stabbed in Jamaica
  721. {FD} The Latest: Suu Kyi: Most Rohingya villages violence-free
  722. {FD} New Zealand officials cancel flights due to fuel shortage
  723. {FD} Hurricane Maria, month’s 2nd Cat 5 storm, lashes at Dominica
  724. {FD} Veteran who fought library attacker among 18 Carnegie Heroes
  725. {FD} Reports: Maria makes landfall in Dominica as Category 5 hurricane; Puerto Rico braces for direct hit
  726. {FD} Violence breaks out at Georgia Tech after vigil for student killed in police shooting
  727. {FD} Hillary Clinton, on book tour, cheers the ‘resistance’
  728. {FD} Anti-communist mob attacks Indonesia meeting, 22 arrested
  729. {FD} Rohingya Muslims being wiped off Myanmar’s map
  730. {FD} Hurricane Maria slams Caribbean as ‘potentially catastrophic’ Category 5 storm
  731. {FD} Carson Dalys touching statement after mother’s death
  732. {FD} Tree pulled down by hammock nearly paralyzes woman
  733. {FD} Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort wiretapped by US investigators, report says
  734. {FD} Controversial ‘mother! loses at the box office while ‘It’ breaks new records
  735. {FD} Hurricane Maria upgraded to ‘extremely dangerous’ Category 5 storm
  736. {FD} Hurricane Maria upgraded to ‘potentially catastrophic’ Category 5 storm
  737. {FD} University assailed over handling of sexual harassment case
  738. {FD} Dylann Roof asks court for new lawyers, says race makes them his ‘political and biological enemies’
  739. {FD} Convicted rapist throws a fit while being deported, report says
  740. {FD} Convicted church killer wants to fire Jewish, Indian lawyers
  741. {FD} As world leaders meet at UN, opinion hardens against Myanmar
  742. {FD} Error on Beyonce vinyl surprises fans with Canadian punk band songs
  743. {FD} SW Florida residents clear sodden homes in scorching heat
  744. {FD} Texas woman accused of shooting, dismembering boyfriend
  745. {FD} Dallas mulls renaming schools with Confederacy-tied names
  746. {FD} Suspect wearing ‘Jason’ mask sought after triple shooting in Mississippi leaves 1 dead, 2 wounded
  747. {FD} The Latest: California dad pleads not guilty in kids’ deaths
  748. {FD} Mattis: Unclear if budget cuts play role in military crashes
  749. {FD} Boston College students attacked in France forgive attacker, ask for prayers for her
  750. {FD} Netflix sends lighthearted cease and desist letter to ‘Stranger Things’ pop-up bar
  751. {FD} India Plans To Deport 40,000 Rohingya: Court Evidence Prove ‘Terror’ Ties
  752. {FD} Democrat mocked for ‘worst campaign ad ever’
  753. {FD} Did ‘The View’ cut Jedediah Bila for being tough on Hillary Clinton?
  754. {FD} Student shot by officer had called 911 before encounter
  755. {FD} Clinton considers contesting election results
  756. {FD} Police investigating vandalism of rainbow doors at church
  757. {FD} Hurricane Maria upgraded to ‘extremely dangerous’ Category 4 storm
  758. {FD} Why some hurricanes linger while other storms die quickly
  759. {FD} Milo Yiannopoulos leads Berkeley’s contentious ‘Free Speech Week’: What to know
  760. {FD} Laura Ingraham joins Fox News’ prime-time lineup
  761. {FD} Man arrested, charged in unsolved 1992 murder case
  762. {FD} Inmate: Man charged with killing Tennessee woman made threat
  763. {FD} Notorious jewel thief out of jail but still facing charges
  764. {FD} Berkeley ‘Free Speech Week’ lineup includes Bannon, Milo: Here’s the schedule
  765. {FD} California dad pleads not guilty in deaths of his children
  766. {FD} Charges: Postal worker went zip-lining while on disability
  767. {FD} Protesters call out Pelosi over Trump DACA deal
  768. {FD} Mattis: No need yet to shoot down NKorean missiles
  769. {FD} Navy fires 2 commanders in connection with ship collisions
  770. {FD} Inside Syria’s Idlib, where poor and desperate civilians are selling their limbs and organs
  771. {FD} Tom Brady and wife disagree over his retirement plans
  772. {FD} Official: ‘Lethal’ Irma a ‘major calamity’ for Florida crops
  773. {FD} Man shoots two Texas deputies, threatens firefighters trying to save his burning home, police say
  774. {FD} Officer in nurse arrest was reprimanded for sex harassment
  775. {FD} Man charged in 1992 slaying of Massachusetts teacher’s aide
  776. {FD} 2 inmates, including murderer, escape Mississippi prison
  777. {FD} Photographer who died in Vietnam named honorary Marine
  778. {FD} Friends: Texas man who killed 8 became increasingly isolated
  779. {FD} Family donates papers dating to 1790s to Lincoln library
  780. {FD} New misconduct allegations hang over UN meeting on sex abuse
  781. {FD} Israel and US open first American military base in Israel
  782. {FD} Arkansas inmate recaptured after second escape
  783. {FD} Nicole Kidman kisses Alexander Skarsgard in front of husband Keith Urban at the Emmys
  784. {FD} State agency investigates shooting of 2 Oklahoma officers
  785. {FD} What would you tell the Framers?
  786. {FD} Strange, Moore head to Alabama Senate runoff election: Who are they?
  787. {FD} College footballer dies after complaining of illness following game
  788. {FD} UK PM, Trudeau say Canada-EU deal a ‘basis’ for new talks
  789. {FD} Mail carrier battling cancer delivers hope to fellow patient on her route
  790. {FD} Moon set to block out three planets and the star Regulus in rare ‘lunar occultation’
  791. {FD} 9-year-old dies of head trauma at soccer practice
  792. {FD} Iraq’s top court suspends Kurdish region’s independence vote
  793. {FD} 8-year-old Australian girl dies from flu during ‘horrific’ season
  794. {FD} Feds spend $587,441 to make engineering a ‘safe zone’ for LGBTQ students
  795. {FD} White House, black college heads to meet amid strained ties
  796. {FD} Hillary Clinton’s score-settling, Dem-rattling book tour only getting started
  797. {FD} Senate on track to pass $700 billion defense policy bill
  798. {FD} Family listens to dead son’s heart 11 years after transplant
  799. {FD} Syrian troops battling IS advance toward US-backed force
  800. {FD} Lady Gaga delays European tour dates due to health issues
  801. {FD} Greek police clash with some rioters at Athens protest
  802. {FD} Interior chief urges shrinking 4 national monuments in West
  803. {FD} North Korea missile launch spawns US military ‘show of force’
  804. {FD} Trump lawyer discusses Russia investigation at DC restaurant
  805. {FD} Refugees from Iraq, Syria eyed in British subway terror attack investigation
  806. {FD} ObamaCare push may show Senate Republicans ‘getting there’
  807. {FD} Kate Walsh had brain tumor removed
  808. {FD} Hawkeye fan wave brings joy to 4-year-old patient, family
  809. {FD} 2 more Navy officers fired over deadly ship collisions
  810. {FD} Emmys ratings crater; Trump-bashing to blame?
  811. {FD} Scientists still baffled by mysterious sonic weapon attack on US embassy in Cuba
  812. {FD} Baltimore church refuses to release records related to Netflix’s ‘The Keepers’
  813. {FD} Trump mum on Iran deal ahead of major UN address
  814. {FD} Malaysian terrorists are carrying out ‘holy war’ against Myanmar government
  815. {FD} House Democrats shatter fundraising record
  816. {FD} Pakistan: Attack at Afghan border kills 1, wounds 11
  817. {FD} Myanmar: Rohingya Terrorist Camps Exist in Every Village in Rakhine
  818. {FD} Uganda police detain 11 protesting ‘life presidency’
  819. {FD} Austrian court sentences man who urged gassing of migrants
  820. {FD} Moscow court rejects lawsuit by Raoul Wallenberg’s relatives
  821. {FD} Austria: Girl stabbed to death, police say by her brother
  822. {FD} Fed likely to pare its bond portfolio even with outlook hazy
  823. {FD} 3 Ohio suspects face West Virginia charges after carjacking
  824. {FD} Chief: Man accused of shooting wife is ‘calculated killer’
  825. {FD} Virginia city’s attorney says Confederate monument can stay
  826. {FD} Polish party leader denounces anti-Semitism, praises Israel
  827. {FD} Indonesia raises Bali volcano alert level for second time
  828. {FD} Gunmen kill 2 state investigators, child in Cancun
  829. {FD} Iceland to hold Oct 28 election after government collapses
  830. {FD} Egypt acquits Irish-Egyptian after 4 years in detention
  831. {FD} Maria grows to a Cat 3, nears already battered Caribbean
  832. {FD} Rescued Filipino priest talks of need for religious harmony
  833. {FD} Bank of England chief says UK to underperform until mid-2016
  834. {FD} Somalia regional state sides with Saudi Arabia over Qatar
  835. {FD} The Latest: China rejects US demands for pressure on NKorea
  836. {FD} Boko Haram suicide attack kills at least 15 in north Nigeria
  837. {FD} Norwegian ex-officer gets 21 years in corruption, drug case
  838. {FD} Latest: St. Louis protests end for the night
  839. {FD} Man questioned about deadly shootings is freed from jail
  840. {FD} The Latest: Russia slams UN report on Syria ‘war crimes’
  841. {FD} The Latest: Some Florida colleges back in session post-Irma
  842. {FD} Lawsuit: Columbus police use excessive force against blacks
  843. {FD} Trump, in UN debut, urges the world body to reform
  844. {FD} Albert Speer Jr., son of Nazi architect, dies in Germany
  845. {FD} Roadside bomb kills 6 in southern Afghanistan
  846. {FD} Egypt plans to plug budget gaps with more foreign debt
  847. {FD} Romanian PM visits city at heart of storm that left 8 dead
  848. {FD} Organizers end Monday protests; more set for Tuesday
  849. {FD} US flies powerful warplanes amid tensions with North Korea
  850. {FD} German nationalist party presents anti-Islam platform
  851. {FD} 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is far from over; US remains at risk for additional strikes
  852. {FD} Putin attends military drills that worry Russia’s neighbors
  853. {FD} Back to school: After Irma, Florida classes begin resuming
  854. {FD} What would compel someone to take a selfie during Hurricane Irma?
  855. {FD} Indian government says Rohingya Muslims are security threat
  856. {FD} Thousands protest in Bangladesh as Rohingya flee Myanmar
  857. {FD} Swastika, racist messages reported at Drake University
  858. {FD} How Trump’s advisers schooled him on globalism
  859. {FD} Unseasonable warmth to prevail across central, eastern US through the week
  860. {FD} Vince Gill recalls dramatic post-9/11 show, turning down the Opry
  861. {FD} FOX NEWS FIRST: Russia probe heats up for Trump Organization lawyer, Trump the ‘star’ at the Emmys
  862. {FD} {FD} 2 Louisiana slayings may be racially motivated: police
  863. {FD} {FD} Tom Brady: I hope Kaepernick gets another chance in NFL
  864. {FD} {FD} Trump organization lawyer to talk with Senate intel committee
  865. {FD} {FD} Oklahoma police officers shot while serving a search warrant
  866. {FD} {FD} WWE star Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan dies
  867. {FD} {FD} Trump retweets edited video of him hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball – NY Times reporter slammed after saying boy mowing White House lawn sends bad signal on child labor
  868. {FD} Tom Brady: I hope Kaepernick gets another chance in NFL
  869. {FD} Trump retweets edited video of him hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball – NY Times reporter slammed after saying boy mowing White House lawn sends bad signal on child labor
  870. {FD} Oklahoma police officers shot while serving a search warrant
  871. {FD} WWE star Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan dies
  872. {FD} {FD} PULLING NO PUNCHES: Hollywood piles on the Trump mockery at Emmys
  873. {FD} {FD} GOING TO ‘FIGHT THIS’ Arpaio fires back at judge in his contempt case
  874. {FD} {FD} CARIBBEAN DANGER Maria strengthens into hurricane, islands on alert
  875. {FD} PULLING NO PUNCHES: Hollywood piles on the Trump mockery at Emmys
  876. {FD} CARIBBEAN DANGER Maria strengthens into hurricane, islands on alert
  877. {FD} Trump organization lawyer to talk with Senate intel committee
  878. {FD} 2 Louisiana slayings may be racially motivated: police
  879. {FD} GOING TO ‘FIGHT THIS’ Arpaio fires back at judge in his contempt case
  880. {FD} London Muslim Bombers Allowed Into Country As ‘Refugees’ From Iraq And Syria
  881. {FD} {FD} Ga. Tech student shot dead by police on campus
  882. {FD} {FD} Clinton ‘rejects premise’ husband meeting AG Lynch on tarmac critically hurt campaign – VIDEO: Comey accused of clearing Clinton before interview – Judge Jeanine: Hillary should not get a pass just because she lost an election – OPINION: Here’s what really happened to Hillary
  883. {FD} Ga. Tech student shot dead by police on campus
  884. {FD} Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio fires back at judge in his contempt case
  885. {FD} Clinton ‘rejects premise’ husband meeting AG Lynch on tarmac critically hurt campaign – VIDEO: Comey accused of clearing Clinton before interview – Judge Jeanine: Hillary should not get a pass just because she lost an election – OPINION: Here’s what really happened to Hillary
  886. {FD} {FD} DANGER IN THE CARIBBEAN Tropical Storm Maria strengthens into hurricane, islands on alert
  887. {FD} {FD} BELLWETHER Listen up, UN — Trump means what he’s telling you
  888. {FD} DANGER IN THE CARIBBEAN Tropical Storm Maria strengthens into hurricane, islands on alert
  889. {FD} BELLWETHER Listen up, UN — Trump means what he’s telling you
  890. {FD} London Muslim ‘Refugee’ Bomber Was Housed, Fed And Fostered But Repaid With Terrorism
  891. {FD} French Police Foil Planned Muslim Terror Attack on Gay Nightclubs #LGBT
  892. {FD} Pakistan is fuelling Jihad in Myanmar
  893. {FD} {FD} Mom killed when teen boy driver swerves into traffic – NASCAR driver, pilot killed in Connecticut plane crash
  894. {FD} Fort Bragg soldiers charged in deadly NC parking lot shooting
  895. {FD} 4 American tourists attacked with acid in Marseille’s train station ID’d as Boston College students
  896. {FD} Tom Brady: I hope Colin Kaepernick gets another chance in NFL
  897. {FD} Mom killed when teen boy driver swerves into traffic – NASCAR driver, pilot killed in Connecticut plane crash
  898. {FD} Acquitted St. Louis officer Stockley speaks out: ‘Feels like a burden has been lifted’
  899. {FD} University of Virginia to remove Confederate plaques, ban open flames – Which Confederate statues were removed? A running list
  900. {FD} {FD} WILL U.S. BE IN ITS PATH? Maria now a hurricane as it bears down on Caribbean
  901. {FD} REPORTER UNDER FIRE NYT writer: Lawn mower gig bad for ‘child labor’
  902. {FD} WILL U.S. BE IN ITS PATH? Maria now a hurricane as it bears down on Caribbean
  903. {FD} Austria: 90% Of Muslim Asylum Seekers In Austria End Up On Welfare
  904. {FD} Tropical Storm Maria strengthens into hurricane
  905. {FD} Denmark’s Muslim migrant crime: “Worst situation since 2nd World War”
  906. {FD} Police: Wisconsin man caused home blast to mask wife killing
  907. {FD} {FD} Tom Brady: I hope Colin Kaepernick gets another chance in NFL
  908. {FD} {FD} University of Virginia to remove Confederate plaques, ban open flames – Which Confederate statues were removed? A running list
  909. {FD} {FD} Second suspect in London subway attack arrested; terror threat level downgraded to ‘severe’ – VIDEO: Second arrest made in connection to London subway attack
  910. {FD} {FD} GIF GAFFE? Trump’s retweet of edited video stirs controversy
  911. {FD} {FD} REPORTER UNDER FIRE NYT writer: Lawn mower gig bad for ‘child labor’
  912. {FD} Funding Terror: The Case Against Qatar
  913. {FD} UN chief comes out against Kurdish independence referendum
  914. {FD} Colorado family of 4 ID’d as victims of fatal plane crash
  915. {FD} Florida recovers, rests, reflects in wake of Hurricane Irma
  916. {FD} {FD} From fat-shamed to billionaire
  917. {FD} From fat-shamed to billionaire
  918. {FD} Pakistan ex-PM’s wife wins his parliament seat: unofficial
  919. {FD} Second suspect in London subway attack arrested; terror threat level downgraded to ‘severe’ – VIDEO: Second arrest made in connection to London subway attack
  920. {FD} GIF GAFFE? Trump’s retweet of edited video stirs controversy
  921. {FD} Trump retweets edited video of him hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball
  922. {FD} Police: Vehicle hits Confederate memorial, apparent accident
  923. {FD} NY Times reporter slammed after saying boy mowing White House lawn sends bad signal on child labor
  924. {FD} {FD} Calif. Dem Feinstein noncommittal on 2018 Senate run
  925. {FD} {FD} Dozens arrested as second night of St. Louis protests turns violent – VIDEO: Missouri governor speaks out about violence at protests
  926. {FD} {FD} McMaster: Trump better without Bannon, others who pushed their 'own narrow agendas' – Trump mocks Kim Jong Un, calls him ‘rocket man’ – Trump hypes mock video of golf ball seen striking Clinton
  927. {FD} North Carolina fair worker hurt when he falls trying to fix Ferris wheel
  928. {FD} Calif. Dem Feinstein noncommittal on 2018 Senate run
  929. {FD} Tropical Storm Maria becomes growing threat to Caribbean islands
  930. {FD} Kevin Hart reveals alleged extortion attempt in apology to wife, kids
  931. {FD} McMaster: Trump better without Bannon, others who pushed their 'own narrow agendas' – Trump mocks Kim Jong Un, calls him ‘rocket man’ – Trump hypes mock video of golf ball seen striking Clinton
  932. {FD} Dozens arrested as second night of St. Louis protests turns violent – VIDEO: Missouri governor speaks out about violence at protests
  933. {FD} Mexican troops reportedly kill 8 after being ambushed
  934. {FD} {FD} Woman too fat for cosmetics
  935. {FD} Woman too fat for cosmetics
  936. {FD} Trump hypes mock video of golf ball seen striking Clinton
  937. {FD} {FD} 'TRAGIC DEATH' Ga. Tech student shot, killed by campus officer
  938. {FD} {FD} 'I JUST DON'T BUY THAT' Hillary: Husband Bill's tarmac meeting with AG Lynch did not hurt 2016 bid
  939. {FD} 'I JUST DON'T BUY THAT' Hillary: Husband Bill's tarmac meeting with AG Lynch did not hurt 2016 bid
  940. {FD} 'TRAGIC DEATH' Ga. Tech student shot, killed by campus officer
  941. {FD} Calif. Democrat Feinstein noncommittal on 2018 Senate run
  942. {FD} Bossert out front as Trump’s detail man on homeland threats
  943. {FD} Trump’s dalliances with Hill Dems? It’s all in the numbers
  944. {FD} Friends, family of man killed by cop: Why wasn’t he helped?
  945. {FD} {FD} Batali: $15 min wage no good
  946. {FD} {FD} Gross 'fatberg' clogs sewer
  947. {FD} {FD} 3 arrested for ‘rape table’
  948. {FD} {FD} Reinventing football helmets
  949. {FD} {FD} Breastfeeding mom called out
  950. {FD} Chevy brings back diesel
  951. {FD} Breastfeeding mom called out
  952. {FD} Reinventing football helmets
  953. {FD} Batali: $15 min wage no good
  954. {FD} Star Wars: Should we care?
  955. {FD} 3 arrested for ‘rape table’
  956. {FD} 'Sexualized' for her wardrobe
  957. {FD} Gross 'fatberg' clogs sewer
  958. {FD} Sweden’s ‘man-free’ music festival prompts response from transgender people
  959. {FD} Russia rejects claim it bombed US-backed fighters in Syria
  960. {FD} MCMASTER ON BANNON Trump better off without those who pushed ‘own narrow agendas’
  961. {FD} DEADLY SWERVE Mom killed as teen boy driver veers into traffic
  962. {FD} NYC hospital hit with $2.5M lawsuit after allegedly faxing man’s HIV diagnosis to his workplace
  963. {FD} The Latest: Slayings of 2 black men done in similar way
  964. {FD} NASCAR driver, pilot killed in Connecticut plane crash – Family of four dies in Colorado plane crash
  965. {FD} Lawsuit filed in Florida nursing home tragedy – Officials: Returning Keys residents must be self-sustaining
  966. {FD} 3 gunmen rob Illinois casino; security guard shot
  967. {FD} Friends recall journalist dragged, killed by crocodile in Sri Lanka
  968. {FD} Russia rejects allegation it bombed US-backed fighters in Syria
  969. {FD} 4 American tourists attacked with acid in French train station, prosecutor says
  970. {FD} WRITTEN IN STONE UVA to clear Confederate plaques, harden flame ban
  971. {FD} PROBE HEATS UP 2nd London attack arrest; threat level downgraded
  972. {FD} McMASTER ON BANNON Trump better off without those who pushed 'own narrow agendas'
  973. {FD} Jamaica’s Violet Brown dies at 117; Japan woman now oldest
  974. {FD} {FD} 4 American tourists attacked with acid in French train station, prosecutor says
  975. {FD} {FD} Lawsuit filed in Florida nursing home tragedy – Officials: Returning Keys residents must be self-sustaining
  976. {FD} {FD} Friends recall journalist dragged, killed by crocodile in Sri Lanka
  977. {FD} {FD} WRITTEN IN STONE UVA to clear Confederate plaques, harden flame ban
  978. {FD} {FD} PROBE HEATS UP 2nd London attack arrest; threat level downgraded
  979. {FD} {FD} BETTER WITHOUT BANNON? Trump doesn't need ex-adviser, others who pushed 'own narrow agendas’
  980. {FD} {FD} Chipotle sparks model’s career
  981. {FD} {FD} Ivanka Trump costs women $50K
  982. {FD} Chipotle sparks model’s career
  983. {FD} Ivanka Trump costs women $50K
  984. {FD} Clinton ‘rejects premise’ husband meeting AG Lynch on tarmac critically hurt campaign
  985. {FD} Irma evacuation nightmare: Next time some may not leave
  986. {FD} Georgia Tech student shot dead by police on campus
  987. {FD} Israeli police arrest 8 in ultra-Orthodox military protest
  988. {FD} {FD} Ethiopia: 55,000 people displaced amid ethnic clashes.
  989. {FD} Trump, in new dig, mocks North Korea leader as ‘Rocket Man’
  990. {FD} Utah mom killed, daughters injured when teen boy driver swerves into oncoming traffic
  991. {FD} {FD} ‘It’ factor: California cops pose for viral photo inspired by horror film
  992. {FD} {FD} Boy killed in Florida mobile home fire that didn’t have power after Hurricane Irma
  993. {FD} {FD} No. 24 Florida stuns 23rd-ranked Tennessee with Hail Mary
  994. {FD} {FD} BREAKING NEWS: 4 American tourists attacked with acid in French train station, prosecutor says
  995. {FD} {FD} Judge Jeanine: Hillary should not get a pass just because she lost an election
  996. {FD} ‘It’ factor: California cops pose for viral photo inspired by horror film
  997. {FD} No. 24 Florida stuns 23rd-ranked Tennessee with Hail Mary
  998. {FD} Judge Jeanine: Hillary should not get a pass just because she lost an election
  999. {FD} Boy killed in Florida mobile home fire that didn’t have power after Hurricane Irma
  1000. {FD} BREAKING NEWS: 4 American tourists attacked with acid in French train station, prosecutor says
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