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“The Hub,” “The L. F. Nexus Historical Research Center: 30g,” went on-line on January 1, 2000. That was the first generation of our website. Our current website is the thirtieth generation of our website.  The thirtieth generation contains all earlier generations.  A key thing to remember about our website is that we are continually seeking to update every single web page in all generations of our website.  This way you have the greatest likelihood of always having the best and most up-to-date information.

The founder of “The Hub,” “The L. F. Nexus Historical Research Center: 30g,” is Dr. Michael J. Bisconti. Dr. Bisconti is an ordained minister and a graduate of a number of schools of higher learning (B.R.E., Education, Midwestern Baptist College, Michigan) with postgraduate work (N.D., Psychiatry, Providence Christian Seminary, Florida) and with postgraduate and doctoral work (M.S., Computer Science, Ph.D., Applied Computer Science, Ph.M.D., Pneumiatric Psychiatry, Chicago Christian University, Illinois). Dr. Bisconti’s doctoral work in applied computer science subsumed work in several nontechnology disciplines, including, among others, textual criticism and theoretical physics. Dr. Bisconti is board-certified by the American Board of Pneumiatric Psychiatry and Neurology, Inc.  Also, in 2013, Dr. Bisconti earned his Ph.D. in biology with his thesis “XD: The Theory of Indeterminate Design.”

Now, we talk about everything but our most important message to you is:

Some people will experience life in heaven after death because God has promised that they will. The reason for his promise is that they have been rescued from the punishment of their sins. The means of their rescue was the suffering of the punishment by the Lord Jesus Christ in their place.

For a fuller understanding of the above message, visit our church website, Chicago University Church.