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Trump Wins

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Trump Won Popular Vote

Media Cheats Trump

Media Cheats
LGBT (Mentally Ill Pervert) Man in Girl’s Bathroom

Message from Our President

“Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders are mentally ill. They are also perverts. After being thrown out of girls’ bathrooms, the perverts still need psychiatric treatment. WARNING: The psychiatric ‘holy book,’ the DSM-5, contradicts both secular science and the Bible. Any psychiatrist who follows the DSM-5 is stupid and corrupt. Smart, decent psychiatrists use the DSM-UPAX (see below).”
         – Dr. Michael Bisconti

Dr. Michael Bisconti
Psychiatrist and Minister
Personal Medical Website
UPAX: United States Psychiatric Association
Bisconti Mental Health Clinics
Sane Majority
Chicago University Church
Chicago Christian University

Anti-Gayness Websites
Gay Is Not

“Human Sexuality” Science Website
Sexual Karate


Download the “DSM-UPAX”

DSM-UPAX (10.2 MB)

Download “How Gays Twist a Child’s Mind”

How Gays Twist a Child’s Mind (358 KB)

Download “How Gays Tricked the Supreme Court”

How Gays Tricked the Supreme Court (288 KB)

Download Psychiatric “Holy Book,” the DSM-5, with Our Corrections

UPDATED Pneumiatric Revision DSM-5 (35 MB)

Download Our DSM-5 Index to Pensync, Our Ten Million-Page Pneumiatric Psychiatric Encyclopedia (See Third Photo Below)

UPDATED Pneumiatric Index DSM-5 (10 MB)


DSM-UPAX Summary
DSM-5 Authors
Psychiatrist's Mental Health
Pneumiatric Psychiatric Encyclopedia


Hillary and Obama want ***** men in girls’ locker rooms with ***** teenage girls.


Bible’s Original Text

Biblical Original Text Reconfirmation

Biblical Government

Most Muslims Are a Problem:
The Muslim Spectrum

Muslim Spectrum

Republicans Created More Jobs by Far
|||| Created 75% of Jobs

Job Creation by Political Party

Data Provided by our AI Supercomputer Collosus using our BEX Algorithm (Bisconti Expanding Matrix Algorithm)

Democratic Party Overspent the Most by Far |||| Responsible for 75% of National Debt

Overspending by Political Party

Data Provided by our AI Supercomputer Collosus using our BEX Algorithm (Bisconti Expanding Matrix Algorithm)

Smart Justice
Most Recent Tweets

1 month ago
Sunday, August 13th, 2017 3:00 pm CST

Tweet #100578: Six-Year-Old Boy: "Mommy, Please Don't Make Me A Girl!"

A San Francisco mother heard her little, six-year-old boy say, "I am a girl. I'm making fun, Mommy." The mother seized on the words "I am a girl" and prepared to take her little boy to have his privates removed. When the little boy found out what was going to be done to him, he, weeping so loud he could be heard a block away, cried out, "Mommy, please don't make me a girl!"

The sex change doctor the woman had hired, who was getting paid over two hundred thousand dollars, took the little boy into surgery and removed his privates. When the little boy awoke from the surgery and saw that he was (his words) "put in the fire," he said, "What have you done to me, Mommy? I still love you, Mommy." Immediately, the little boy entered a psychotic state, ceasing to recognize the people around him, including his mother. Within an hour, he fell into a coma. The next day he died.

Insane parents and insane, money-mongering sex change doctors are driving children mad and murdering them. Support Mary's Law to stop these demons in human flesh.

2 months ago
Sunday, August 6th, 2017 1:48 am CST

Tweet #100577: LGBTQs Suffer From GDS (Gender Derangement Syndrome)

Lesbians, Gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and queers suffer from GDS (Gender Derangement Syndrome).  People who are afflicted with GDS suffer from various delusions regarding their sexual identity, abnormally long periods of depression, and sociopathy usually manifested as inability to care about other people.  They are ten times more likely to commit suicide than mentally healthy people and die around twenty years earlier than mentally healthy people. See Gendrome for more information.

2 months ago
Saturday, August 5th, 2017 6:38 pm CST

Tweet #100576: Chicago Sex Change Doctor Castrated Then Executed

A Chicago sex change doctor on his way to castrate three four-year-old little boys in consecutive operations was intercepted by the ARA.  The doctor was then taken to his home where he, himself, was castrated (without anesthesia) then executed.  While we do not believe in vigilantism, we believe the doctor got what he deserved.

2 months ago
Friday, August 4th, 2017 7:26 pm CST

Tweet #100575: We Just Fired A Transgender And There Is Nothing Anyone Can Do About It

An employee at Chicago Christian University who had been working at Chicago Christian University for one day was just discovered to be a transgender.  We do not employee mentally ill perverts, so the trangender was immediately fired and escorted off the campus of Chicago Christian University.  We dare anyone to try to get his/her/it's job back.  That includes the stupid, moronic, asinine ACLU.

2 months ago
Friday, August 4th, 2017 5:26 pm CST

Tweet #100574: Obamacare Kills 10,000 More People In July 2017

Obamacare killed 10,000 more people last month, July 2017, and, yet, both the Democrats and a handful of Democrat-loving Republicans continue to oppose Repeal and Replace of the Health Law from Hell.

Most Recent Facebook Answers
We Answer All Questions Submitted
Neither profanity nor suggestion of profanity is allowed.

3 weeks ago
Monday, September 4th, 2017 8:05 pm CST

Question #1460: Are transgenders perverts?

Answer: Yes, of course. They are also mentally ill. See Gendrome for proof of the mental illness of transgenders and of all other LGBTQs.

1 month ago
Saturday, August 12th, 2017 2:55 pm CST

Question #1459: Who is worse, Alt-Left or Alt-Right?

Answer: First, what does "Alt" mean? "Alt," in this case, means "Crazy"; so we are talking about Crazy-Left and Crazy-Right. So, who is worse? Well, let's look at the facts and you decide:

  • In 2017, Alt-Left (Obama, Clintons, Soros, Black Lives Matter, etc.) held 17,339 protests.
  • In 2017, Alt-Right (Nazis, KKK, David Duke, etc.) held 13 protests.
  • In 2017, Alt-Left protestors injured 737 people.
  • In 2017, Alt-Right protestors injured 3 people.
  • In 2017, Alt-Left protestors killed 133 people.
  • In 2017, Alt-Right protestors killed 1 person.

2 months ago
Monday, August 7th, 2017 5:47 pm CST

Question #1458: Is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel corrupt and stupid?

Answer: Yes, of course.

2 months ago
Saturday, August 5th, 2017 8:35 pm CST

Question #1457: Do you believe sex change doctors who castrate boys and sexually mutilate girls deserve to be castrated then executed?

Answer: Yes, of course.

2 months ago
Saturday, August 5th, 2017 12:23 pm CST

Question #1456: Are women who wear bikinis whores?

Answer: Yes, of course.  In the Bible, a whore is a woman who uses her body to gain something.  Women who wear bikinis are using their bodies to gain the pleasure of male attention and, possibly, more.

New Features……….New Features

3 Most Recent Articles

27 mins ago
Friday, September 22nd, 2017 11:35 am CST

{FD} Judge tosses suit by family of hazed player who killed self

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the family of a 17-year-old Vermont boy who killed himself a year after he was sexually assaulted by teammates on his football team.

29 mins ago
Friday, September 22nd, 2017 11:33 am CST

{FD} Summerlike heat baking the Midwest to build toward US East Coast

Despite the start of astronomical fall, ongoing heat from the central United States will spread toward the Atlantic coast into next week.

33 mins ago
Friday, September 22nd, 2017 11:30 am CST

{FD} Exactly what to do if your pet eats something toxic

Having a plan could save your furry friend's life.

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  1. {FD} {FD} Judge tosses suit by family of hazed player who killed self
  2. {FD} {FD} Summerlike heat baking the Midwest to build toward US East Coast
  3. {FD} {FD} Exactly what to do if your pet eats something toxic
  4. {FD} {FD} Can Cowboys’ Prescott and Elliott respond following crushing loss?
  5. {FD} {FD} Goff, Rams offense shine in 41-39 win over 49ers
  6. {FD} Doomsday timeline: Dates when David Meade, others said the world was supposed to end
  7. {FD} {FD} Padres’ Lyles looks to extend Rockies’ skid
  8. {FD} {FD} Richard, Padres hand Rockies 4th straight loss, 3-0
  9. {FD} {FD} Demonstration planned at St. Louis County outlet mall
  10. {FD} {FD} Illegal immigrant among two men accused in rape of teen on orders from younger woman
  11. {FD} Doomsday writer David Meade: Who is he?
  12. {FD} Oh my God! School bans student-led prayers at football games
  13. {FD} Comey convocation address derailed by angry protesters at Howard University
  14. {FD} Hurricane Maria: Video shows dramatic rescue of woman, 2 sons from capsized vessel
  15. {FD} The Latest: Kurd leader says referendum will go forward
  16. {FD} {FD} Theresa May: UK seeks 2-year transition period after Brexit
  17. {FD} No charges filed in drowning death of toddler in foster care
  18. {FD} Bhutan’s leader calls for 3 moments of silence in UN speech
  19. {FD} Mini pet pig stolen during home break-in found dead, family says
  20. {FD} {FD} Illegal immigrant teen, other teenager accused of kidnapping and raping female classmate
  21. {FD} {FD} Leaders highlight early education for drug misuse prevention
  22. {FD} DeVos rescinds Obama-era rules on campus sexual assault cases
  23. {FD} Iran showcases new ballistic missile during military parade
  24. {FD} {FD} Doomsday writer David Meade: Who is he?
  25. {FD} Bob Dole hospitalized at Walter Reed
  26. {FD} {FD} Dogs are roaming Mississippi university, scaring students
  27. {FD} Mueller team under fire for ‘brass-knuckle’ tactics in bid to squeeze Manafort
  28. {FD} {FD} ‘I will rape you’ post put on Facebook to advertise Instagram
  29. {FD} Rare condition leaves teen covered in ‘scales’
  30. {FD} Doomsday is not on Saturday after all, writer says after predicting end of the world
  31. {FD} Doomsday is not on Saturday after all, Christian conspiracy theorist claims
  32. {FD} Buzzfeed hires reporter who left CNN after botched Anthony Scaramucci story
  33. {FD} Erick Erickson: Jimmy Kimmel, my wife has cancer, I have a pulmonary embolism. But I still oppose ObamaCare
  34. {FD} Ivanka Trump getting sued over sandal design
  35. {FD} Expert tips for preventing mold growth or remediating mold in your home after a flood
  36. {FD} North Korea says it wants sports equipment, not missiles
  37. {FD} {FD} 10 clever hacks to get through a power outage
  38. {FD} 10 clever hacks to get through a power outage
  39. {FD} Rare genetic disease keeps patients awake until death
  40. {FD} Alabama Senate race: Palin and Gorka rip Trump-backed ‘establishment’ pick, rally for Roy Moore
  41. {FD} Hurricane Jose’s path: What you should know
  42. {FD} Parsons Green subway attack suspect charged by police
  43. {FD} Alabama Senate primary: Trump’s influence tested as Luther Strange, Roy Moore vie for GOP seat
  44. {FD} North Korea’s nuclear weapons program has grown with each Kim regime
  45. {FD} The 5 most expensive Camaros ever sold at auction
  46. {FD} Search for Mexico survivors continues as story of missing girl proves false
  47. {FD} Why this ObamaCare repeal gives Democrats a fright
  48. {FD} Trump’s comments on North Korea, from ‘fire and fury’ to blaming China
  49. {FD} Marilyn Manson: Columbine school shooting ‘destroyed my entire career’
  50. {FD} World’s largest wildlife museum opens ahead of National Hunting and Fishing Day

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